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Translate Trends Into Opportunities

Want another great way to figure out what your options for work are? Look at trends. Not just major economic trends. But local ones too. What are people buzzing about? What seems to spark a new something or other every few days or weeks? What can you not stop talking about? What perks your ears and interest when you hear it mentioned across a room?

Coffee? Ice cream? Organic products? Recycling? Think of something. Then hold that trend up high and look at it closely. Explore it. Because, most likely, there’s real serious opportunity here. For jobs. For new ventures. For you to make money. If you’re really into it.

How do you get started exploring your opportunities?

1. Try to find out how big the market is. Google it. Look for reports. References in business journals, the news, economic reports. Get a sense. Maybe there was a feature story on it somewhere. Find a few articles to justify it is a real trend. Then read them all in detail.

2. Who are the people driving this trend? When you find sites dedicated to it, conferences on it, or even just articles profiling people in it, go research them. Get to know them and their work.

3. What companies are in on the trend? Consider both the very big global brands down to the local artists. Typically it works the other way – from artist to big corporate capitalization of the trend – but the point is, who’s doing what about it?


4. Consider, where is this trend going? How will it continue to evolve? What will that mean consumers or companies will want to buy? Want to do? How will they need help with capitalizing on the trend?

5. Start to make a list of the details that excite you. The products, services, companies, people, places, manifestations, ideas….and realize this is the pool from which your opportunities will likely spring.

6. Walk around with your list, show it to people you trust, and think about the different ROLES you could be playing in this trend. What kind of jobs could you have? What functions would you fill? How could you add value? Maybe you need to start something on your own. What would that look like?

7. Now keep refining your thoughts and keep exploring and talking to people. Hone all this research and conversations into some concrete next steps for yourself to dig you in deeper. When the light goes on and you click with an opportunity, start sharing that idea with others and gauge their reaction. Survey your inner circle to see whether you’re onto something.

8. Find a way to take a taste of the opportunity. Meet others who do it. Who know people who do. Read about them. Try to offer that product or service in some form or another casually. Volunteer somewhere to see how it feels. Offer yourself for a day or two or more for free to help out.

Follow this path to opportunity!

Then tell us about your experience!  Maybe we can even profile you and your success.

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