Leveraging EYP for Development

Inspire donors to make a major impact on the lives of your students. Supporting EYP means empowering young people to explore their potential as a powerful part of their academic experience. The takeaway — a lifetime of exciting opportunities.

What inspires donors to give?

  • Direct impact on student lives
  • Acknowledgement from the university
  • Promoting innovative thinking & programs
  • Introducing best practices to campus

EYP means Impact. Results. Outcomes. Data.

  • Programs can be deployed quickly
  • Students see immediate impact
  • Results can be easily shared and promoted
  • Outcome reports are avail 24/7
  • Data proves strong ROI on investment

Proof of Impact

Students are more motivated, empowered and committed to their education after EYP!

Are more motivated
Feel empowered to find answers to their own questions
Are more willing to try new things
Are more willing to try new things

SUNY, Old Westbury, is fortunate to have a very engaged and involved School of Business Advisory Board. Several of the members are proud alums and routinely offer internship and employment opportunities to our students. During our meetings, it was identified that our students could benefit from soft skills training that showcases the education and abilities of our students to potential employers. Based on the “Secrets of the Young and Successful,” by EYP creator Jennifer Kushell, the Advisory Board and our faculty evaluated the “Exploring Your Potential,” program for our students. We decided to pilot the program which is being sponsored by the School of Business Advisory Board. This is an excellent example of a Missional innovation that engages our students, alums, faculty, and industry practitioners, in increasing the impact of the education received by our graduates.

Raj Devasagayam, PhDDean, School of Business SUNY College at Old Westbury

Our students’ final assignment is writing a reflection paper sharing the tools learned in the course, including EYP. Students not only enjoyed the modules, but many experienced very deep self-reflections and found new motivation.

Leslie Pearson, InstructorCollege of Business at Texas Woman’s University - Using EYP in their Business Communications Course

EYP graduates gain confidence, clarity and know what they want from their careers and their lives. EMPOWER students to manifest their dreams into reality.

EYP helps you understand your career potential in the context of global possibilities. It shapes and broadens your perspectives so that when it comes to finding employment or making career choices, you are more capable, proactive, and independent in your efforts. It really helped me stay determined to graduate.

Josue E.California State University - Los Angeles

When I first participated in the Exploring Your Potential virtual bootcamp, I was unemployed and looking for a job. The classes improved my self-confidence and helped me get hired into to my position now! Today I work at a Cancer Hospital in Brazil and we recently traveled to USA to visit hospitals like Johns Hopkins, do some benchmarking, and take part in a conference. What more can I say? Exploring your Potential makes the difference in our lives!

Iris S.Student, Brazil

Through EYP’s step-by-step courses, various professional insights, and a platform of fellow learners, I gained a broader viewpoint of the opportunities in the world and clarity of who I want to become. Thank you for providing a supportive environment and for passing down some of the most impactful talks I have listened to.

Ka Cin W.Senator, College of Business Administration Associated Students, Inc. California State University, Long Beach

The advice I learned from Exploring Your Potential inspired and motivated me to get out there more, apply for jobs and seize opportunities. It gave me a greater sense of confidence when interviewing, and helped me clarify why I wanted a supply chain job in the automotive industry. Four months after I completed the program, I landed a job at Tesla!

Austin S.California State University - Long Beach

Giving the Gift of EYP to Students

The EYP program can come to life in a variety of ways to best fit the goals your donors:

  • Introduce EYP into classes, workshops, organizations or as microcredentials.
  • Fund a pilot, a site license, or offer scholarships to students.
  • Empower first generation, first year, student leaders, international programs, and honor societies.
  • Offer donor recognition in program materials, online course, even via contextual video.
  • Host EYP student for breakfast, lunch, and networking experiences.
  • Engage and mentor students through the EYP experience by sharing goals, dreams, and challenges.

EYP bridges the gap between the world of academia and the real world.

Let us help you design a program that’s right for you and biggest supporters.