Leveraging EYP for Development

Inspire donors to make a major impact on the lives of your students. Supporting EYP means empowering young people to explore their potential as a powerful part of their academic experience. The takeaway — a lifetime of exciting opportunities and strengthened life-long engagement with your institution.

What inspires donors to give?

  • Direct impact on student lives
  • Acknowledgement from the university
  • Promoting innovative thinking & programs
  • Introducing best practices to campus

EYP means Impact. Results. Outcomes. Data.

  • Programs can be deployed quickly
  • Students see immediate impact
  • Results can be easily shared and promoted
  • Outcome reports are avail 24/7
  • Data proves strong ROI on investment

Proof of Impact

Students are more motivated, empowered and committed to their education after EYP!

Are more motivated
Feel empowered to find answers to their own questions
Are more willing to try new things
Are more committed to pursuing their education

EYP graduates gain confidence, clarity and know what they want from their careers and their lives. EMPOWER students to manifest their dreams into reality.

Giving the Gift of EYP to Students

The EYP program can come to life in a variety of ways to best fit the goals your donors:

  • Introduce EYP into classes, workshops, organizations or as microcredentials.
  • Fund a pilot, a site license, or offer scholarships to students.
  • Empower first generation, first year, student leaders, international programs, and honor societies.
  • Offer donor recognition in program materials, online course, even via contextual video.
  • Host EYP student for breakfast, lunch, and networking experiences.
  • Engage and mentor students through the EYP experience by sharing goals, dreams, and challenges.

EYP bridges the gap between the world of academia and the world of work.

Let us help you design a program that’s right for you and biggest supporters.