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Advice from Industry Professionals

Exploring Your Potential™ is jam-packed with practical and actionable insights that students can put to work immediately. Everything is relatable and engaging, with a personal touch. To drive home each of the major lessons, every module includes one-on-one interviews with top executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders from dozens of industries and some of the biggest brands in the world. In these intimate but brief discussions, these profiles reveal how people from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, majors, and situations carved out pathways that led them to the successful lives they now lead—but not without many challenges and moments of uncertainty, even fear and doubt. Here the passion to persevere and succeed is what prevails. Listening to these stories ignites ambition and confidence in students and instantly illuminates new pathways.

These are some of the most interesting people we’ve ever met, and now their stories come to life throughout every section of Exploring your Potential.

Below are examples of videos featuring industry experts, bringing a wide range of voices and perspectives.

Nely Galan

Cuban-born Nely Galan learned early on that she had to be in charge of her own luck if she were to get anywhere in life. Despite her humble beginnings, she hustled from early on in life, built businesses, produced hundreds of television shows and worked her way up to the top of Telemundo, a major North American television network targeting Latinos. For Nely, that meant discovering who she was, fighting for what she wanted, and making a lot of mistakes along the way.

Arrey Obenson

Arrey Obenson is the Secretary-General of JCI, where he leads the largest organization of young leaders and entrepreneurs in the world. This native of Cameroon knows a little something about surrounding yourself with success! With JCI’s 5,000 chapters and members in over 115 countries and territories, Arrey works with actors from all sectors of society, from business to government to civil society, to develop resources to empower and train young people to find solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. Arrey and all the members of this extraordinary organization aims to create sustainable global impact, and that’s how JCI has produced so many world leaders throughout its 100-year history.

Kalika Nacion Yap

A native of Honolulu, Kalika Nacion Yap has had an extensive background working for Bloomberg and CNBC in New York. In 1999, she foundedCitrus Studios, Inc., an award-winning digital agency for corporations, institutions, museums, and universities. Citrus Studios counts the Annenberg Foundation, USC, UCLA, and Stanford among its clients. She is also the inventor and patent design owner of Luxe Link, a unique fashion accessory (foldable purse hook) that keeps purses off the floor. During the 2009 recession, Kalika took a leap of faith and launched a new business: The Waxing Company, the first high-end waxing company to arrive in Honolulu. She turned a profit within 120 days of launch! If anyone knows how to “play” with money, it’s Kalika.

John Katzman

John Katzman, founder of The Princeton Review, 2U, and now The Noodle Companies, shares invaluable advice on navigating what can seem like an overwhelming range of career options and information. His questions will make you think deeply and evaluate your own opportunities tactically. John’s experience in preparing young people for advanced education and elevated career prospects is truly unparalleled. He is also the only entrepreneur to ever take two companies in the education space public. Hear John’s best advice on how to choose your best path by arming yourself with the power of information.

Rishi Roongta

Rishi Roongta has experienced almost every model of work there is. He has traveled the many paths of the Opportunity Spectrum along the way to discovering his true passion – social entrepreneurship. Listen to how this most ambitious, energetic young soul traversed his way through internships, corporations, partnerships, non-profits, and startups. Yes, he graduated from a top business school (University of Illinois), worked for prestigious firms like Siemens, GE, Deloitte, Bain & Co and Pritzker Venture Capital, but he didn’t stop there. His constant hunger to explore and his drive to try new things give him virtually unlimited access to opportunity.

Kat Eller Murray

Kat Eller Murray is a public relations professional with experience in corporate and technology communications. Prior to founding her own public relations firm called ROAM Communications, Kat worked as a manager of global communications and public affairs at Google in California. We thought she’d be the perfect person to tell you more about how to tell your story and the importance of doing so.

Zohra Zori
Arrey Obenson
Brittney Castro
Steve McAndrew
Michael Teoh
Curtis Estes
Sergio Fernández de Córdova
Kalika Nacion Yap

Exploring Your Potential™ includes 30 videos featuring industry experts, bringing a wide range of voices and perspectives.

Elvina Beck
Jennifer Kushell
Brian Hinman
Curtis Estes
Ami Dar
Rishi Roongta
Paula Fellbaum
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