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About Exploring Your Potential

Exploring Your Potential™ (EYP) is a career readiness program that inspires young adults to take control of their future today by crafting a life and career that’s personally customized to them. This groundbreaking program is organized into four courses in which students identify their talents, passions, and goals; create a value proposition that reflects who they are; learn how to market themselves; and put their career plan into action. Students are motivated to think outside the box and create their own definition of success.

Exploring your Potential helps academic institutions augment the career-preparedness resources they currently offer. Usage of Exploring your Potential at numerous universities has demonstrated a highly significant improvement in students’ career readiness.

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EYP teaches insights that take successful people a lifetime to learn, including how to articulate the value you have to offer, get paid for your work, create the most compelling social media profiles, build an income around your lifestyle, figure out what’s in the way of your success, decide if a more entrepreneurial route makes sense for you, and identify the people most likely to help you find your next job or position.

Exploring your Potential is divided into four courses:

Course 1: Discovering Your Options

Course 1: Discovering Your Options

Get a clear sense of who you are, what you want to achieve, what skills and experience you have to leverage, and what will truly make you happy. Then you can make it happen.

Course 2: Sculpting Your Value Proposition

Course 2: Sculpting Your Value Proposition

You can have all the potential and talent in the world, but packaging what you have to offer strategically maximizes your opportunities. Give yourself the best shot.

Course 3: Selling Yourself

Course 3: Marketing Yourself

We’re all in sales. We all have to sell ourselves every day, especially when we’re looking for internships, jobs, or consulting projects, or even launching a startup.

Course 4: Activating Your Plan

Course 4: Activating Your Plan

Elevating your strategy will make you aim higher, expect more from yourself, and achieve more in return. Take your big new plans and put them into action. Great results await!

Fail to act and maybe nothing will change. And that would be unfortunate, especially when there’s SO much opportunity out there just waiting for you to grab it!

Don’t wait another day, semester, or year. Isn’t it time you realized your full potential?

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