Exploring Your Potential™ (EYP) was created to help students realize the full potential of their careers. This revolutionary online program is transformative in guiding students towards more clarity, focus and success.

About Exploring Your Potential™ Bootcamps

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Exploring Your Potential™ creators, host an intensive Bootcamp by way of a series of 8-10 classes via weekly webinars and mentor students through the entire EYP program.

EYP Bootcamps are created and customized for a diverse range of students. We find students are eager to explore their potential and collectively embark on an experience that for many, will be game-changing.

Your options are only as limited as your imagination...
and your exposure to what’s out there.

Benefits for Students

Weekly instruction, coaching, and mentoring

8-10 weekly interactive webinars with the EYP team

24/7 collaboration via private group with program peers and leaders

Full access to the complete set of 4 EYP courses, with all activities, videos, and exercises

This course will help students:

Demonstrate a clear sense of self and career orientation.

Develop the necessary skills to explore, investigate, and take action personally and professionally.

Construct strategic packaging and personal branding to leverage the student’s experiences and abilities while maximizing career opportunities.

Design practical steps and actions to achieve career goals.

Increase personal and professional expectations to exceed career potential.

EYP Bootcamps have been created for students in the following schools and countries

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What’s in the Way of Student Success?

“Disbelief in my potential”
—Josue E., Student, California State University Los Angeles

“Procrastination & Money”
—Rahul B., Student, India

“Not believing in myself”
—Dionicia N., Student, California State University Los Angeles

“Lack of confidence”
—Akpan G., Student, Nigeria

“Not believing in myself and still not knowing what I want to do”
—Jack L. Student, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“Through EYP’s step-by-step courses, various professional insights, and a platform of fellow learners, I gained a broader viewpoint of the opportunities in the world and clarity of who I want to become. Thank you for providing a supportive environment and for passing down some of the most impactful talks I have listened to.”

—Ka Cin W.Senator, College of Business Administration Associated Students, Inc. California State University, Long Beach

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EYP Addresses Real Life Concerns

  • Encourages students to take ownership of their career preparedness and define their own success
  • Teaches students how to find and articulate their passions and desires for their careers
  • Increased confidence, better focused, and strategic thought about work and career direction



“After completing EYP, I realized the solution is within us. All we need to do is realize the real opportunities or create some.”

—Rahul B., Student, India

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EYP  Bootcamps are offered independently, or as an add-on through your Career Center.

Let us help you design a Bootcamp that’s right for you and your students.

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