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Whether you’re just beginning your college prep or have another path in mind, this program will empower you to:

Discover and articulate your passions and desires for life and career
Gain confidence, clarity, and strategic thought about fields of interest and career direction
Plan to investigate and try careers in multiple industries
Begin to build a career plan and personal portfolio now

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After enrolling in the Exploring Your Potential Program


have discovered new potential ways of being in the working world


identified new skills, functions (potential careers), interests, and industries that may suit them for work

Exploring Your Potential™ is nothing like the same old classes your parents took. But it is the one they wish they had taken!

We define a new set of rules for success in today’s global workforce.
We don’t believe in doing what you ‘should’ do.
We believe in doing what you love, and being the best at it.
We believe true success is happiness within yourself and your career.
We help you get clear on who you are, what you want, and what you’re good at so you can choose the right education and create a career that inspires you, a job that you want to go to, and a life that you actually love.

This is what Exploring Your Potential is all about…you learning how to make the world your own personal oyster of opportunity.

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Key Benefits

Gain confidence, clarity, focus and direction in life
Discover, define and learn to leverage your unique personal strengths
Clearly understand what colleges and employers want


Are more clear on where they would like to go from here


Are more confident and prepared to present themselves

Welcome to a whole new path to figuring out what you want to do for work, how to do what you love, and what it takes to achieve success—by your own definition.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

Exploring Your Potential™ teaches students how to take ownership of their career readiness path and helps them to define success for themselves.  These are some of the expected learning outcomes:

Self-Awareness – Demonstrate an aligned sense of self and career goals.

Problem Solving – Develop career preparedness and skills to overcome challenges and create opportunities.

Decision-Making – Build relevant packaging and personal branding to leverage experiences and abilities.

Career Orientation – Increase personal and professional expectations and resources to obtain career potential.

Strategic Planning – Create strategic steps and actions based on resources and knowledge to meet career goals.

Execution – Implement a well-organized career plan with demonstrated impact.

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