About Exploring Your Potential™

Exploring Your Potential is a career readiness program that inspires young adults to take control of their future today by crafting a life and career that’s personally customized to them. This groundbreaking program is organized into four courses in which students identify their talents, passions, and goals; create a value proposition that reflects who they are; learn how to market themselves; and put their career plan into action. Students are motivated to think outside the box and create their own definition of success.

Exploring your Potential helps academic institutions augment the career-preparedness resources they currently offer. Usage of Exploring your Potential at numerous universities has demonstrated a highly significant improvement in students’ career readiness.

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Exploring your Potential™ is divided into four courses:

Exploring Your Potential Course 1

Course 1: Discovering Your Options

Get a clear sense of who you are, what you want to achieve, what skills and experience you have to leverage, and what will truly make you happy. Then you can make it happen.

Exploring Your Potential Course 2

Course 2: Sculpting Your Value Proposition

You can have all the potential and talent in the world, but packaging what you have to offer strategically maximizes your opportunities. Give yourself the best shot.

Exploring Your Potential Course 3

Course 3: Marketing Yourself

We’re all in sales. We all have to sell ourselves every day, especially when we’re looking for internships, jobs, or consulting projects, or even launching a startup.

Exploring Your Potential Course 4

Course 4: Activating Your Plan

Elevating your strategy will make you aim higher, expect more from yourself, and achieve more in return. Take your big new plans and put them into action. Great results await!

Welcome to a whole new path to figuring out what you want to do for work, how to do what you love, and what it takes to achieve success—by your own definition.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

Exploring Your Potential™ teaches students how to take ownership of their career readiness path and helps them to define success for themselves.  These are some of the expected learning outcomes:

• Self-Awareness – Demonstrate an aligned sense of self and career goals

Problem Solving – Develop career preparedness and skills to overcome challenges and create opportunities.

• Decision-Making – Build relevant packaging and personal branding to leverage experiences and abilities.

 Career Orientation – Increase personal and professional expectations and resources to obtain career potential.

 Strategic Planning – Create strategic steps and actions based on resources and knowledge to meet career goals.

 Execution – Implement a well-organized career plan with demonstrated impact.

For Academic Institutions

Exploring Your Potential™ is comprised of four individual courses with six modules in each course.  The program can be customized with delivery, deployment, and payment options that best fit your situation and institution’s structure.  EYP will help you scale your professional development and career readiness programs and curriculum.  It can be used to help meet your accreditation standards and provides data on your students’ outcomes as well as other critical pieces of information concerning your students’ state of career readiness:

• Use one course at a time OR the four course set.

• EYP courses can be easily made part of a proctored course OR provided as a self-study.

• Students can individually purchase EYP online or through the campus bookstore OR purchased on behalf of individual students by the institution.

• Site license models are available that provide complete access to all EYP courses to every student enrolled in the college or university.

• Spread all four EYP courses over four semesters OR all-in-one semester.

• Use some of the modules in class and have students work through the others on their own.

• Integrate into an existing course OR offer through the career center as a non-credit seminar or workshop.

• Require as part of a professional development or internship program.

While EYP is designed to be a complete comprehensive course, an academic institution can supplement with additional assignments and activities specific to the academic program, learning outcomes, and program objectives.  Such content is typically provided within the framework of the institution’s LMS.

The services come with an overall program guide along with course syllabi that includes program, course, section-level learning outcomes with assessments.

Learn more about Exploring Your Potential™

Image: Exploring Your Potential Logo

Watch this 4 minute video

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Advice from Pros Videos

30 diverse and accomplished individuals share their inspiration, insights, and experiences throughout the program.

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Instructor Ready and Scalable

EYP Includes all the tools and resources necessary to plug it into a course or deployed as a self-study.  It is LMS ready and will leverage your institution’s career center resources for maximum impact in this vital topic.

Exploring Your Potential™ is delivered from a powerhouse of education and industry experience.

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EYP Outcomes

Proven to foster empowerment, boost confidence, improve direction and communication, and overall career competence by 70-80%.  EYP motivates students to complete their studies and make more strategic decisions about their future.

Sample of Results
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Data & Reporting

EYP captures invaluable data from your students as they progress through the program.  You have 24/7 access to the reporting feature that will help meet accreditation standards:

Sample of Reports
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Branded Promo Materials

Designed to help promote the EYP and career readiness program among your students, faculty, and other stakeholders:

EYP Promotional Materials

Research and News

Read research papers on how EYP and the Texas A&M, Kingsville internship program map to the AACSB standards and how they implement EYP into their program.

Research Papers
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Faculty and Student Testimonials

Read and listen to testimonials from faculty and students.



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