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500 million students worldwide are home instead of in school.

Going virtual with classes and programs is now an imperative, but as you know, it is not that easy.  It’s a pandora’s box.

New EYP programs can be up and running in a week.

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About EYP

Exploring Your Potential (EYP) contains 24 hours of online programming ready to roll to your students – the highest quality content, videos, illustrations, activities and reflective questions on the market.  It’s proven, scalable, engaging, and consistently delivers solid outcomes and deep emotional learning experiences for instructors and students alike.

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You Lead

EYP can be taught by your instructors, counselors, coaches or alumni ($95/student)

  • Technology, training, instructor guides and marketing materials included.
  • Academically rigorous enough to assign 1 to 4 college level credits.
  • Integration? You may already be using EYP at your school
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We Lead

EYP Spring Bootcamp
Fully Administered
New Dates Coming Soon

For immediate turnkey programming to keep students engaged during these uncertain times, Jennifer Kushell and our team at EYP, will be leading a 5-week bootcamp for up to 1000 students. We will meet on Zoom Webinar every Wednesday for 2 hours of discussions, lectures, guest speakers, and live break out group activities.  EYP trained coaches will work with students in teams to ensure a high level of engagement and personal attention the whole way through.  Student outcome reports will offer you powerful proof of success.

Call 310-822-0261 or email us at to discuss quick impact we can deliver to students and parents now, with solid ROI as you move online.

Contact us or fill out the form below to get started.

Please know we’re standing by to help. 

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