EYP FERPA Compliance

EYP Ventures Inc. (EYP), with its program Exploring Your Potential™, is committed to student privacy. EYP does not collect personally identifiable information about the student.

Student Directory Information

EYP only collects student directory information for the purposes to register,  to enroll, and for general communication. Directory information collected are:

  • First and last name
  • University/Institution
  • School/Institution email address or personal email address, if the student provides

Optional information:

  • Birth year
  • Employment
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Grade level

Data Collection

  • EYP uses student data from the pre-surveys, post-surveys, and reflective questions to measure overall student outcomes at an institutional and program level. Student directory information is omitted from any outcome report provided by EYP to its clients and stakeholders.
  • EYP will use and may sell the collective anonymized student data for product enhancements,  presenting industry trends to shareholders and stakeholders, sales communication, media communications, print publications,  and to third-party partners with a specific interest in this data.

Data Destruction

  • EYP will destroy student data after 54 months.
  • EYP will retain anonymized student data from pre-surveys, post-surveys, and reflective questions indefinitely.