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Exploring Your Potential™ (EYP) is redefining workforce readiness for emerging adults with the most innovative framework in the world for teaching employment, entrepreneurship, leadership, and social impact. Exploring Your Potential online learning that engages, impacts, and transforms human potential.

 Young people everywhere struggle to find their voice and their best paths to economic sustainability and personal fulfillment. Exploring Your Potential is actively deploying through high schools, higher education, global youth organizations, governments, and corporate learning initiatives, both in the U.S. and globally. Opportunities for badging, credentialing, blended learning, family, and employer engagement are all natural extensions.

EYP fuels partners with unparalleled data and student insights to drive more responsive programmatic decisions and investments that can vastly improve the education, enrollment, persistence, and engagement of young people.

At first, I thought this EYP (Exploring Your Potential™) course was going to be boring and a run of the mill exercise. This course has been anything but a run of the mill. The course provided great insight into me, the people around me, my goals and aspirations as well as my personal career. I found the course to challenge me and conduct self-realization checks of where I am and where I want to be. I loved the course and find it to be of great value to anyone interested in learning a clear path and direction towards their success.

—Tracy B.,Student, University of South Carolina - Aiken

Proven Results

After completing Exploring Your Potential™ students experience the following results


Are more confident and prepared to professionally present themselves


Are more clear on where they would like to go professionally


feel more motivated to pursue their career choice

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“I’d like to point out that I believe that all students, regardless of university, should take these (EYP) courses. I’ve learned a lot about myself from all three of the assignments I’ve been given. I think it’s a fantastic idea to expose students to these models in order for them to coordinate and handle how they can develop as individuals.” —Briahnna A., Student

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Exploring Your Potential™ was created to completely transform the ambition and prospects of young people entering the workforce.  As you will see, EYP was design-built for young people to spark self-efficacy, encourage them to take control and ownership of their lives, and sculpt their own unique career pathways.  At the same time, it is equally as effective in reinforcing existing programs and pathways as well, just offering a bigger, more cohesive context with which they can immediately actualize greater opportunities and options.

Exploring Your Potential Offers

  • Powerful Engagement
  • World Class Content
  • Compelling Value Proposition for Students & Parents
  • Immediately Improved Soft Skills
  • Equip Students for Online Classes
  • Prompt Deep Discussions
  • Build Connection, Trust, Peer Support
  • Make Mentorship a Priority for Student Mental Health
  • Ensure Strong Outcomes

Students deserve a learning experience that extends outside the textbook and beyond the classroom. Exploring Your Potential (EYP) is an innovative online program that augments the learning environment, creating value for students that is actualized immediately. At Stillman College's School of Business, we emphasize developing and showcasing your skills and abilities to a broader audience and the integration of EYP sets the foundation for success. The data collection and visualization platform coincides with needs of the Quality Education Plan (QEP) so EYP is a blessing for Stillman administrators, students, and stakeholders!

Isaac McCoyDean - School of Business | Stillman College
Image: University Student
Image: Young Man
Image: Young man - University Student
Image: Young Woman - University Student in a cap and gown
Image: Young Woman - University Student
Image: Young man - University Student

Exploring your Potential™ helps people discover who they really are, what they want, challenges they may experience, and new opportunity pathways for success. The program delivers real-world, forward-thinking, practical advice that is designed to target each person’s individual needs.

“The courses help you understand your career potential in the context of global possibilities. They shape and broaden your perspectives so that when it comes to finding employment or making career choices, you are more capable, proactive, and independent in your efforts.”

—Student, California State University - Long Beach

“When I started Exploring your Potential, I didn’t imagine how deep this experience would be. It made me think about subjects in my life I had never considered.”

—Iris F.Student Brazil

“The advice I learned from Exploring your Potential inspired and motivated me to get out there more, apply for jobs and seize opportunities. It gave me a greater sense of confidence when interviewing, and helped me clarify why I wanted a supply chain job in the automotive industry. Four months after I completed the program, I landed a job at Tesla!”

—Austin S.California State University Long Beach

“I learned that my skills in communication are better than most of
my soft skills. I also learned that I need to improve my leadership skills,
critical thinking, and entrepreneurship skills."

—Megan C.California State University Los Angeles
Dream Big Happy Graduate

Searching for the right path? The possibilities are limitless. Let us help you design a life and career that inspires you! What are you waiting for?

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Looking to improve the lives of your students or your employees? Exploring your Potential is an invaluable resource for forward-thinking organizations everywhere.

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Exploring your Potential™ helps people discover who they really are, what they want, challenges they may experience, and new opportunity pathways for success. The program delivers real-world, forward-thinking, practical advice that is designed to target each person’s individual needs.

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