B-School Connection


Bloomberg Businessweek’s B-School Connection service is an academic partnership designed to inspire participants to be persistent readers of current events and become globally engaged citizens. The service includes a subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek and a variety of online resources, including valuable career readiness information, organized by academic discipline, competency, economic sector, and country. The B-School Connection is your doorway to the world for unlimited career possibilities.

Peregrine Global


Peregrine Global (Academic Services and Leadership Institute) is a globally recognized leader for online education services, higher education support, and leadership development.  By leveraging our collective experiences and networks of associates from around the world, we provide thought-partner solutions that are grounded in practical application for proven innovation.  We make a difference in our world by developing values-based leaders and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in higher education, industry, and government for the betterment of the broader social environment.

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