We’re so excited to have captured your attention!  We know how busy you are with work and your leadership activities.  This is a very special opportunity for all of us to help pilot a new global training program for JCI.



Let’s review some logistics….


• The JCI Foundation, thanks to Arrey Obenson, Secretary General of JCI, has generously offered to support the first 50 chapters as they introduce Exploring Your Potential to their members as a new training offering.  That means, there is no cost for you, your members, or your chapter to participate in this initial pilot round.


• Each JCI chapter participating in the pilot should have 5-25 members committed to participate, meaning ready and able to complete the first course of Exploring Your Potential entitled: Discovering Your Options.  This includes 6 modules that require an average of 1 hour of work online, so 6 hours of total individual work.


• Once you submit a final list of participating members to us, we will activate the individual subscriptions to Exploring Your Potential at no cost (typically a $300 value).  Members will have access to the content and their work online for 2 years.  We will also grant them access to a private Facebook group so that they can meet and collaborate with other participating members from around the world.


• To make this program interactive and most engaging, we have added a blended learning component, meaning, time for your members to meet in person.  To facilitate, we ask that you schedule 3-4 meetings in February to complete the EYP pilot, where your group would discuss the feature topics and share their work. You will introduce the program at the first meeting and guide members to complete two modules on their own in between each your meetings, concluding with the presentation of EYP completion certificates.


• Our goal is to pace every country/chapter together so there can be cross collaboration and shared discovery. We will discuss more details on timing with you and the other pilot leaders on a planning call tentatively scheduled for January 17th or 18th.  This call will be accessible via computer using GotoMeeting.  YSN will send out the invitation and link shortly after you submit your details to confirm participation.


• On the planning call, we will review everything you need to know to run the program.  Please prepare any question you might have and know that we are always available to you should anything come up along the way.  To facilitate your leading of this program, we will also schedule 3 training calls to walk you through the 2 weekly modules before you present them to your members.  Again, we will finalize this calendar with you and the other leaders on the call, so that we find the best solution for everyone.


The next step is letting us know that you’re in!  Please complete the following brief form below to confirm your participation by Friday, January 12.


We cannot wait to work with you on this most exciting initiative to bring Exploring Your Potential to JCI members around the world!


Jennifer Kushell & David Stine

From YSN



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