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Welcome to a whole new path to figuring out what you want to do for work, how to do what you love, and what it takes to achieve success—by your own definition.


YSN, Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection, and Peregrine Academic Services have come together to bring you Exploring Your Potential (EYP), an unparalleled new career planning experience that will expand your perspective on the world of work and powerfully impact your life.


You’ll receive tons of practical advice, watch inspiring videos from industry pros, engage in brainstorming, take self-assessment exercises, and create action plans. It’s all designed to transform your confusion and doubt into confidence and clarity, in a way that’s fun and accessible. Armed with your new knowledge, you can begin crafting a life and career that’s customized for you.



EYP is based on the critically acclaimed New York Times Best Seller Secrets of the Young & Successful by Jennifer Kushell, founder and CEO of Your Success Now and an internationally recognized thought leader on youth employment and entrepreneurship.

EYP is divided into four courses:

Course 1: Discovering Your Options


Get a clear sense of who you are, what you want to achieve, what skills and experience you have to leverage, and what will truly make you happy. Then you can make it happen.

Course 2: Sculpting Your Value Proposition


You can have all the potential and talent in the world, but packaging what you have to offer strategically maximizes your opportunities. Give yourself the best shot.

Course 3: Selling Yourself


We’re all in sales. We all have to sell ourselves every day, especially when we’re looking for internships, jobs, or consulting projects, or even launching a startup.

Course 4: Activating Your Plan


Elevating your strategy will make you aim higher, expect more from yourself, and achieve more in return. Take your big new plans and put them into action. Great results await!

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